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Hacked By Imam with love

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  • Colin says:

    You are a lifesaver. I’ve spent all morning trying to work out a very similar scenario – I have a type parameter from the Yammer API.

    Haven’t tried it out yet but what you have looks spot on for my needs. Thank you again for taking the time to document this so clearly 🙂

  • Colin says:

    Well, I’m nearly there. I get the following exception:

    [MappingException: No usable value for type Did not find value which can be converted into java.lang.String]

    It seems to be caused by the “override val typeHintFieldName” line. I don’t suppose you have any ideas?

  • Colin says:

    Ha! Worked that last one out – I had a case class with an attribute called `type`.

    Thanks again!

  • jamie says:

    Glad you’re squared away, Colin. You’re welcome and happy coding.

  • Rohit says:

    Similar to the earlier poster, I spent my entire morning trying to make this work. In my case , I was sending JSON for objects with multi level inheritance to a Scala server. Adding type hints to the .NET serializer and following above steps for worked for me.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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